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Ive added this space to my website as a means of expression of my experiences as and when I perform, choreograph or get involved in a project. My journey as a professional dancer is just about a year old and already people had opened their arms and hearts to me. I can only hope that as the years go by and my experience grows that I will be worthy of such love.
As a younger student, the grammar of Bharatanatyam seemed restrictive and today the very same grammar allows for and inspires such freedom and creativity. I have the fortune of undergoing training at Kalakshetra in Chennai and continuing my training under Nirmala Nagaraj.

Making this journey, exploring Bharatanatyam with all its idiosyncrasies and nuances, I want to share with you my impressions and ideas. With the interaction that I hope will take place I would like to learn from you in the process.

Bharatanatyam has captured my body and my emotions and I hope to capture yours…

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  1. Bhadsavle says:

    Has practicing Isha yoga added to your performance.

  2. Radhe says:

    Definitely. It’s helped me on many different levels in my life and its given my dance a certain balance and grace.

  3. BHADSAVLE says:

    We have seen isha and Sadhguru deliver a wonderful possibility to the world … can we reach people & share this possibility through Bharatanatyam ?

  4. Bhadsavle says:

    Do you wish to spread the awareness of the potential that isha carries through bharatnatyam …

    • Radhe Jaggi says:

      Right now I am focusing largely on how to improve my performance of the art form. I am sure that the potential of Isha can be expressed and passed on through dance but I don’t think I am there yet. Maybe in the future.

  5. Vanita says:

    Dear Radhe,

    I don have any questions to ask, but yes i would use the oppurtunity to let you knw that your pictures show how amazing work you have been doing. Dance has been one of my biggest passion( though i did not get enough oppurtunity to) and today to see you flower as a dancer is just truly amazing.

    May you perform much more and do share your pics…. I would be eagerly awaiting to c them.

    Love, Vanita

  6. Kamya says:

    Hey! It’s so great to see you turn a passion into a career. Unlike the rest of us in those Bharatnatyam classes in 6th and 7th, you never had any trouble with all the painful exercises :) Congratulations, and I hope I get to see you perform!

  7. jayanthi -tiruvarur says:

    amazing akka…
    please come again here…(tiruvarur)

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